My Birthday List

Well today is my birthday and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of blogging on a China-related news story I decided to blog on my birthday list. So here are the things I want for my birthday.

1)Good Friends
I got this already in my beautiful girlfriend, Winnie, and all my friends in Shanghai.

2) Good Writing
I just bought Haruki Marakami’s After Dark about two weeks ago and Birthday Stories, a collection Marakami edited for his 55th birthday a few weeks before that. So I am well-stocked up on that.

3) Good Music
I’ve been listening to the Kooks, Cold Fairyland and the Beatles a lot recently. All good bands to spend time with/see live.

4) Good TV
I’ve found this in my current guilt pleasure — Prison Break — which is really popular in China.

So as you can see it’s been a really satisfying birthday. Winnie and I went out for a great dinner this evening to our favourite restaurant, A Future Perfect. Lots of good food later, we’re ready for a good rest with full stomaches.



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