Is Heroes The Next Prison Break?

I recently started watching season 1 of the US TV show Heroes and I have to say it has the potential to become as popular as Prison Break is in China right now. The show tells the story of a series of people who discover they have amazing abilities. That on it’s own isn’t really something significant. What is, is the fact that the show doesn’t treat these people as heroes in the conventional sense but as the next step in the evolution of the human race. It is each individual character’s decision whether they should be a hero or not. And of course to add an overall link to the show and a little bit of suspense there is the secretive shadowy people — who may or may not be the government — that want to capture these people and use them for some unknown purpose.

My favourite character at this point is Hiro. He’s a nerdy Japanese guy who I really identify with. He also really wants to be a hero — not because he wants to stand out from the crowd — but because he wants to make the world a better place. That’s a strong sense of morals that I really appreciate.



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