New Job for China’s Migrant Workers: Virtual Gold Farmers

Virtual gold farmers that is. According to a report I read in NVR Magazine, about 100,000 workers — the majority who are from rural areas — get paid about US$0.30/hour to kill monsters and collect gold in the game World of War Craft. They then sell it to foreign game players in what is supposedly a US$1.8 million a year gray market business.

Unfortunately with success like this comes backlash. There’s a class action law suit in the US again virtual gold-selling firm IGE (not sure if this company is Chinese or not as the article didn’t say) and Youtube has a tons anti-Chinese gold farmer videos.

Is This another sign of a general ant-Chinese fever gathering in the US.


Update: According to Tricia Wang at Youmeiti, there is a documentary about Chinese Gold Farmers now available.


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