An Embaressing Situation: A Response

To the anonymous police officer who posted a comment to my previous post, thanks for the advice. I definitely reacted out of fear. When a group of angry people surround you, you tend to get scared. If I could have kept my wits about me a bit longer or got up the courage to leave maybe things would have turned out different. Maybe not for the better I don’t know.  I’ve put most of it behind me now. I’m just glad I didn’t have the week that Ben Ross did his last week in Fuzhou.

Winnie & I had a great weekend with her aunt. We traveled around the city, did some shopping and ate lots. The rest of the week for me has been busy. I’m working on a number of projects at work and Winnie and I just finished planning a trip to visit her parents in Guangzhou at the beginning of October. These things have left me pretty drained in the evening, so I’ve been avoiding blogging.

What I have been doing is downloading some Chinese rock and punk bands that I like using eMule and reading my favourite blogs with Netvibes. I’m hoping to go see the Subs on Saturday at 4Live, so I’ve been trying to download any of their music so far. That’s kind of disappointing. I like the fact that I don’t know what I’m going to see and I could be surprised, but I don’t like the fact I could be disappointed especially when I am shelling out RMB50 for admission.

I probably won’t post again until Sunday — hopefully with a review of the Subs show. Until then you can keep track of me on my Twitter page.



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