See A Rude Cop? Call 110

I found a story in the China Daily today that says China’s Ministry of Public Security is going to monitor the behaviour of police officers in the host cities for the 2008 Olympics in an effort to ensure good service for visitors during the Olympic Games.

“Spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Security, the campaign will assess the behavior of on-duty officers, particularly those working in public areas and policing large-scale events.”

I’m all for better public services so this sounded like a great idea to me until I read this part:

“”If a member of the public sees a police officer smoking, eating or chatting on duty – all of which are regarded as harmful to the image of the police – they can report them by dialing 110,” Jia Chunming, vice-director of the police affairs supervision division of the Beijing municipal public security bureau, told reporters at the launch of the compaign.”

110 for those readers not living in China is the country’s equivalent of 911. Now if people are calling 110 to report rude cops that is reducing the efficiency of the police dispatch system and therefore reducing public services. So how does that help the people. In a country where new public complaint hotlines open every month you think they could create one for rude cops. That would really ensure this project improves China’s level of public service.



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