My Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Experiment

When I signed up for Facebook on Wednesday I decided to try a little experiment. I would send out a number of requests to add me to their list on both Facebook and LinkedIn (I sent messages to different people I knew on either network).  Well after four days of testing, I got 20 friends added on Facebook (from eight requests sent out) and one on LinkedIn (from five requests sent out).

Why did I get more friend connections on Facebook? The network there is larger. And I think it’s larger because Facebook is more of an interactive platform compared to LinkedIn. You can really personalize your Facebook space and since Facebook’s source code was revealed, people have been able to produce their own applications to personalize their personal pages. These things are attractive as everybody wants to individualize their space — whether they’re a business or an individual — and that’s the attraction and the best benefit of Facebook. It is truly a Web 2.0 platform.  Facebook users aren’t just consuming they are producing, connecting and individualizing their own content and their own online spaces.

I’d like to hear other people’s opinions on this.



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One response to “My Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Experiment

  1. That’s exactly right.

    Facebook is personal, LinkedIn is corporate.

    As people become more comfortable revealing more of themselves in their online profiles, the two profiles will most likely merge. In this respect, Facebook gives users much more capability to customize their profiles.

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