Typhoon Wipha was a Wimp

Typhoon Wipha hit Shanghai today. It didn’t really hit so much as whimper by. This morning I was expecting heavy rain and high winds as I had experience in all previous typhoons that I had been in, but when I woke up it wasn’t even raining. My office was closed this morning, so I got to spend the morning watching CNN while I did some preparation for an event taking place tomorrow evening.

The storm was one of the top stories on CNN’s Asian-focused morning newscast. Every 30 minutes I heard how the storm was just south of Shanghai and expected to pummel the city by evening and every 30 minutes I looked out my window at the cloud with bits of sun breaking through. Needless to say our office opened this afternoon and I had a really pleasant walk to the office. The air was cool and yes the winds were a little stronger than normal, but other than that things were fine. When I went to pick up a chicken sandwich at the Mexican fast food place in my office building, one of the waiter’s hats was blown off by a gust of wind but that was it.

While it has rained on and off through out the afternoon, the only bad thing that has happened is that I’ve had one meeting and two EU Chamber of Commerce events I was to attend canceled on account of the storm. That does have a benefit those as it freed me up to focus on the planning for an event tomorrow so now everything is pretty much finished. The walk home was a breeze. There was a bit of rain but not more than your average Shanghai rainy day.

Plans for the evening: Chicken and dumpling dinner with Winnie and then watch Zodiac on DVD (man I am really behind on those).



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