I am consuming books the way other people consume food

I have been reading a tons of books lately. I think I got on this track the minute I finished the long and complex “Fortress Beseiged” and then decided to pick up Murakami’s short, but beautiful novel “After Dark”. I finished that one in two and half days. By the end of last week I’d already gone through Carl Crow’s “Foreign Devils in the Flowery Kingdom”.

I’m currently reading Xiaolu Guo’s “A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers”. I’m really enjoying it — especially since Winnie and I are going to meet her parent’s next weekend — it’s really giving me another insight into the views of a mixed couple. The book is a series of diary entries and since I like so much so I am trying to savour it and let it last. Since it is written like a diary you can do that. Yesterday I went and bought a number of business books including Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” which I devoured in just 24 hours. I’m still going to try to savour Xiaolu Guo’s book this week, but at the sametime I am trying to make a fast meal of James Kynge’s “China Shakes the World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation” as I borrowed it from a colleague who is leaving our company this week.

I hope I don’t read myself silly by the end of the week. I’m taking three books with me for vacation (I tend to read about 200 pages or one book per flight and one book during the week).



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