First Day in Guangzhou: Relaxing

Well I arrived in Guangzhou this morning at about 10:30am. This is after waking up at 4am because I was expecting madness at the Hongqiao Airport — it’s the weekend before the National Day Golden Week holiday after all and that means everyone wants to travel. But I was actually the first one at the airport. I arrived there at 5:15am and the place doesn’t even open until 5:30am, so that meant that I was first in line for pretty much everything and I didn’t have to make that much of an effort to get on the plane.

After I arrived, Winnie and I had a quick lunch at the airport’s McDonald’s before taking a shuttle bus to downtown. We arrived a little early at my hotel — they were still cleaning the room, so we took a walk down Beijing Road. It’s a pedestrian shopping street like Nanjing East Road in Shanghai, expect it’s not as crowded and there aren’t any prostitutes. I really liked it. The area is nice but there is still a bit of a small town feel to the place — and at least so far, I don’t feel like I am stuck in the middle of mast tourist hell like I have been when I’ve traveled during Golden Weeks past.

After a quick nap, it was decided that since Winnie and I are both tired, today is not the day to meet the family. I get to do that tomorrow evening. I don’t what my schedule will be like for tomorrow either but I am sure that I’ll find something interesting to do if I am not spending the time with Winnie. Even if it is just sitting in the nearby RbT teahouse with a book that’s  fine with me. Besides meeting Winnie’s family, my plan for this week is to relax and get myself in tiptop shape for the work that will begin after the holidays.

Plan for this evening is to go eat something at McDonald’s (I know I had lunch there, but it’s right next store and I am frankly too tired to try something new tonight. I know I should experiment, but I just don’t have the energy for the moment) then it’s a night of reading, television and chatting with Winnie followed by a nice long sleep.

Until the next time I have time to write a note,



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