Added A FeedBurner RSS Feed

To make the blog more accessible to people that use newsreaders to track blogs, I’ve added a feedBurner RSS feed. You can get a hold of the feed here or by clicking on the FeedBurner chicklet at right.




Filed under Cubicle/Nerd Culture

2 responses to “Added A FeedBurner RSS Feed

  1. Feedburner is blocked in China; why did you choose to use it? Aren’t most of your readers in China?

  2. Hi Paul

    I added it for two reasons:

    1) A lot of my readers — at least who I know about — are outside of China
    2) I’ve found that people inside China can get around the Feedburner block if they reader the feeds through a reader such as netvibes. So I didn’t see a problem adding a feedburner feed to the site. I may also a feedsky feed later as well.


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