Eye Update 1: Time for Laser

Well I went for another visit to the eye doctor on Thursday and it was decided that I should have some minor laser surgery. Unfortunately, this can’t be done at Huashan Hospital where I usually go. Instead I have to make the trip to Fudan University’s Eye, Ear Nose and Throat Hospital (which isn’t that far from Huashan). So yesterday, Winnie and I got up before 6am to make the trip out there for the preliminary check by the EENT doctors so that I could get booked for laser.

Now like most hospitals in China (other than Waibing clinics), you can’t book an appointment, service is given on a first come first serve basis. We were able to get the fourth appointment due to a fluke that the hospital let me stand in the line for people over age 70 (not sure what that says for my appearance).

After about a 30-minute consultation with a doctor, I was able to get the authorization for laser. The doctor was actually very reluctant to do this, because my retina is attached and there is no sign of detachment. Therefore, he’d prefer to leave it be. But the doctors at Huashan want to prevent any future problem from happening by removing some vitreous from my retina — something I agree with. So after explaining to him that this was something I wanted, he gave the okay.

I’m going for the laser on Monday morning. I will update you later in the week on how it went.



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