I Think My Dog Has a Shoe Fetish

It’s been almost a month since we got Roger and things are going well. Roger is a strong healthy puppy. He’s always full of energy. And I mean full of energy. He runs everywhere.

I also think he’s developed a bit of a shoe fetish as he is always caring shoes every chance he gets. Sometimes the shoes are even bigger than he is. Earlier tonight I found him with his head stuck in one of my dress shoes then he stole my socks and ran around the room and then he licked my feet. Right now he’s also trying to type on the computer will simultaniously climbing on the bed.

Okay, thankfully he’s stopped climbing now and is sitting with Winnie watching 27 Dresses while she massages him. It’s that part I like the most. As much as he drives me crazy he brings us a lot more love than trouble. And we love him for it.



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