We Survived the Flood

I haven’t been posting much over the last two weeks because I’ve just been way too busy and way too stressed out with work. I have been preparing for a number of company events that are taking place next week and they’ve just taken up all my time (I even brought work home this weekend which I never do). Something happened yesterday that I do want to blog about — my apartment flooded!

It wasn’t Noah and the Ark, a pipe burst under our bathroom sink covering the bathroom, the kitchening and part of our master bedroom/living room in water. We only found out about it because the woman in the apartment below us (who doesn’t even seem to like my landlord) called my landlord to tell her that water was dripping down into their bathroom (that had been a problem before we moved in here a year ago). Our landlord called Winnie right away and then drove over from Pudong to check out the problem, arrange for the building management to fix the pipe and stayed to clean up. That was really great of her and it only took about an hour. Which really made my Friday and my weekend. Otherwise I would’ve just flipped out as I have been under a lot of self-induced stress lately.

Thankfully it didn’t damage much. We had to replace two powerstrips and the power cord for my five-year-old clunker of an HP laptop — we had a spare for it already and to be honest the old cord was pretty much broken. I also wrote off a pair of computer speakers that I don’t use anymore.

This got me thinking about my need to buy a new laptop and my building desire to dump HP and Windows OS for a Macbook Pro. But due to our upcoming trip to Canada, I’ve had to put that desire on hold for awhile. What I did though was clean up the old programs and everything else on the machine and it’s made a big difference. I can even write this blog much faster through a proxy. So I might be able to hold out buying that Macbook just a little bit longer — at least until I get to Canada.

Off to work and enjoy the rest of my weekend.



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