The Struggle Obtaining A Canadian Visa And Other General Life Stress

If you want to know where I’ve been for most of the last month, I’d say “in front of my computer”. But instead of blogging, I’ve been wrestling with some important real-life issues.

First Winnie and I have spent the last three or four months planning our trip to Canada for my brother’s wedding. That has taken up a lot of our time particularly the visa process. I’ve been answering visa questions in the comments of my China Visa Update post almost daily. Well, if you thought it was hard to get a visa for foreigners to go to China getting one to go to Canada is also difficult. Not really because of the information they ask you to provide (there are a lot of documents but nothing that is really unusual) but the processing time. Canada has a backlog of 1 million applications at any one time. That means you really have to plan months ahead and have all your documents ready (we actually started collecting the relevant information — some which had to be sent from my parents last fall). Well in the end we succeeded, Winnie got her visa and we’ve arrived at my parents place for a well needed vacation and 10 days of family fun and visiting in Southern Ontario.

Second my work schedule has been hectic and this has put me into a bit of depression. I feel — though I am not sure this is true — as though I have been able to come up for air for the last month. Maybe it’s the grind of work and personal life crashing together uncontrollably that has kept me feeling this way. I am ready for a break. I have the weekend where I will be doing a little bit of work and then Monday and Tuesday and then no more.

For these 10 days, I am going to concentrate on having fun and taking some time to reflect. You probably won’t catch me on Twitter, but I will be updating this space. I’m going to blog about a couple of the stories that are sure to come up and I will also try to post more photos something I don’t do that often. My mom has been bugging me to post more pictures of Roger so I am will try to fit a few more posts in “A Dog’s Life” as well.

That’s it. Just wanted to say I’m back and more new content will come soon.



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