Canada So Far!

We’ve been here almost five full days now and things are going really really well, My brother’s wedding went perfectly. He and his wife got exactly what they wanted and everyone had a great time. Winnie also had a blast. She is loving every minute of our time here and every one of my family members is enjoying our time with her too. She’s won them over with her charm.

For me, I’m really enjoying seeing my hometown and Canada through her eyes. Places that I used to visit almost every year on field trips look really fresh and fun in her eyes.

We spent the day at Niagara Falls today and she loved every second of it. That’s a place that she’s really dreamed of going there since her English teacher showed her a video of it during her first year at university. So for her to go today was the fulfillment of a dream and that meant a lot to me that we were able to fulfill that today. Having her here has made this the best vacation ever. I am having a blast. I hope that every vacation we go on is this fun.

Tomorrow, we’re heading off to my aunt’s farm.


P.S. I wrote this on my new MacBook and am loving that too!

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