My Story Began 29 Years Ago….

On Thursday I celebrated my 29th birthday. It didn’t feel like a momentous birthday. I know that in about 362 days I will be turning 30 but turning 29 didn’t seem like a funeral durge. Instead it just felt like a slightly more special day because I kept being told happy birthday all day and my office gave me the day off without docking my annual leave — which is probably the best gift that they could ever gave me.

That wasn’t the only gift I received from my office though. There’s also a program where they give you a gift on your birthday and at Christmas. For my birthday they gave me a Creedance Clearwater Revival CD. It seemed like an ideal gift. You see CCR was my Dad’s favourite band and so when I was growing up I heard their music often. So to hear that music again on my birthday got me thinking about my childhood birthdays.

Since my birthday is in the summer I never had to go to school. Occassionally,  I had to go to day camp but often I had the day to myself and I could relax. I usually received books and CDs for my birthday (something I always loved and still do — and I still frequently receive) so I’d spend the day reading and listening to music with breaks to watch whatever was my favourite talkshow that summer or Law and Order reruns on A&E. At night there’d be a trip to my favourite restaurant for dinner and then usually a trip to the theatre to see whatever was the big summer blockbuster that year.

I always stayed up late on my birthday. After the movie I’d come home and read again until midnight or 1am. I usually finished the first of whatever books I got a day or two after — maybe even that day if it was short enough.  The one feeling I’d have that day is happiness. Nothing could ever go wrong that day and still can’t.

This year was pretty much the same. I walked Roger, I watched Torchwood and I read Jan Wong’s Beijing Confidential. At night Winnie and I went out to dinner and then on the way home she bought me a couple of books as a birthday gift. Again the entire day felt perfect, but I didn’t stay up late instead I went to bed and slept soundly.



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