Taking a Walk Through 60’s New York

In all this heat, I’ve been watching a lot of DVDs. Tonight’s choice was the first episode of AMC’s series Mad Men.

I’ve only watched the first episode but the show seems to feature everything that I like about the 60’s: well-pressed suits, drinking in the afternoon and a sense of living where you can tell that they are taking lots of risks but they don’t make it look like they care about those risks. That last sentence can be used to describe the show’s lead character Dan Draper.

I don’t know enough about Draper’s character to really give a full description yet, but he seems to be living a bit of a double life — risk-taking Madison Avenue Ad Man while in Manhattan, quiet family man when he comes home to his suburban home. I’m not sure which one is really him — it will keep me watching to wait and see though. As will the little “time-sensitive” bits that are dropped into the show, such as Draper’s boss asking him to help write ads for RIchard Nixon’s first failed presidential campaign and a joke that Draper makes late in the first episode in reference to a photocopier.

I just took a look at the Mad Men website before writing this post and I saw that the second season will be starting on Sunday July 27th for viewers in the US. So any readers of this blog in North America who might have seen the end of season 1 please don’t tell me how this ends. This is one ending I definitely want to find out by myself.



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