img_0585.jpgJohn Guise is a Canadian who came to Shanghai on a whim — and for a girl — after been laid off from his newspaper job in August of 2003. Four years later and he’s no longer with the girl (she moved to Japan and he found love with someone much better) but he’s has become pretty good at Mandarin, seen a large portion of the country — including a lot of factories — and spent nearly three years working at an advertising/trade media company as a copywriter for the workshops of the world (IE Chinese exporters) based in Northern China. He currently does marketing for a consulting firm in Shanghai. You can find his thoughts on China and adventures in his daily life on this site. He is also a contributor to LostLaowai.com


2 responses to “About

  1. noticed from twitter …your from Sudbury? Cool.
    Keep up the interesting adventures .

    cheers from Sudbury


  2. oneeyedpanda

    Hey Scott

    I’m originally from Hamilton Ontario, but do have a strong connection to Sudbury as that is my parents’ home town.


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